For Affair Partners

Get your head out of your ass.

Don’t be a whore or a dick, or both. If you are going to give your body away to a cheater at least get paid for it.

Don’t think you do no harm if it’s just for the sex.

Don’t fuck, suck, or encourage a married person to do any of those things with you or to you.

If you’re a woman fucking a married man, treat other women better. If you can’t stop that shit out for other women, stop it for yourself. You’re being used, I promise. It’s nasty. You didn’t dream of this life when you were a little girl, right?

If you’re a man friending or fucking a married woman, really? She is leaving you and going home and doing the exact same thing with him. I promise.

To both of you affair partners, men and women; you know that your lover is going home and fucking their partner, right? Plus, their partner gets the best of them for time, energy and money. You’re nothing special. You aren’t so unique that our married partners can’t live without you, they could be fucking anyone and be doing and feeling the same things. It isn’t about you. It’s about them using you.

Don’t let a married person wine and dine you to win you over. They only see you as eating cake (and the aforementioned free sex) when they already have cake at home. Trust me, they are using us both.

Don’t believe everything your married pursuer says. They want to make themselves look super and their spouse look horrible. Don’t believe 90% of what they tell you.

Then call the spouse and let them know. Be kind, be gentle, but let them know they are married to a liar and a cheater.


Remember: people who cheat on their spouse are liars so they are lying to you as well as they are to their spouse (this is not a hard concept). 

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