The Audacity. 

I was roaming on Facebook and it hit me that The Player had gigantic fucking balls and arrogance to be friends on Facebook with some of his affair partners. 

Remember, he quit fucking all of them but remained friends so he could harvest the admiration of them ongoing. What must their fuckedupness be to put up with being used for semen deposits then continuing to be a source of flirting for The Player? Fucking pathetic, both him and them. 

This means these whores had a front seat view to look into our lives. I won’t forget how the last whore used one of our kids’ nickname I started. They often talked causally about our kids and their daily lives. 

When I busted The Player and went on a hunting expedition for information, I found comments from the last whore on his Facebook updates on our kids. 

Nothing surprises me yet everything still does when I really think about it. How can that be?

They were some serious idiots. When sex addicts (or assholes) are getting their kicks, they are stupid – and arrogant – as fuck. 

2 thoughts on “The Audacity. 

  1. No social media, period, for my asshole sex addict. He was never connected to any of his actual whores on social media, but you never know. It all seems to start out so innocent. It was an early boundary that he has decided to keep in place and I am not complaining.

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  2. They are ridiculously brazen, aren’t they? Downright stupid. Mine was connected to most of the women on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Even after dday1, he deleted the one woman I knew about, but none of the others. Was he just brazen, stupid, or desired to be “connected” to them in some way, I don’t know. Or maybe he’d worry that I’d realize he had deleted certain women and get suspicious? Whatever the case, as long as we’re still married he has lost social media privileges. It’s like having to parent another child. 😦


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