Standards, people.

The Player said something that made me think he didn’t know really why I am pulling back from working on us, so this morning I said, “So you know why I’m doing that, right?” He said, “I think so, it’s because you don’t want to work on us.” That is true, but I had to ask him again, “But why am I doing that, do you know?” He said, he guessed he didn’t. I proceeded to tell him it’s because he isn’t giving me what I need and want.

It’s not complicated. Really, I don’t think it is. I told him – again – it’s because he is lacking the empathy piece. I have to say it again? I should say it’s because he can’t remember what the fuck I have been saying for a few months now – I need empathy from him. I told him I believe he is remorseful. I believe he is sorry he hurt me. I just don’t believe he has really taken in what he has done and it’s impact. If he was ready to deal with that, don’t you think he would have responded to the impact letter the CSAT told me to write in December?

He said, he thinks he has it, but he must not be communicating it very well. He told me he is afraid he won’t be able to communicate it to my standards. He’s afraid it won’t live up to my expectations. Empathy is different from shame and remorse. I honestly think he’s confused. Or maybe that’s his “communication problem.” That could explain a lot.

Was he fucking kidding me with that response? Was he? Because that response is from someone who hasn’t recognized the effort I have put into staying together in the face of 20 years of mutherfucking lies and betrayals. It’s not like I haven’t given him months and months to get with it, months to come up with some empathy that isn’t given because the CSAT or I am pulling it out of him. He is just so fucked up it’s going to take a while. I don’t want to sit around and be hurt, time and time again because I am not getting what I need to promote healing in our marriage. It’s like I was begging for it. I started thinking I was pathetic, explaining many times I needed it, showing examples when he could have provided it to me. It’s gross. Pathetic.

You know what the hell I am NOT going to do? I am not going to feel pathetic anymore because of the shitty mess he made of our life, all because he felt bad about himself and decided fucking other people while he was fucking me over was the answer to his happiness. I mean I want to scream at The Player, “Get your head out of your ass, grow the fuck up, get some balls and dig deep, quit being the person that thinks it’s all about you. Be better. Do better. You know how you quit thinking you’re a loser? You quit being one. That’s when you’ll feel better about yourself.”

4 thoughts on “Standards, people.

  1. Love this but isn’t it strange I mean I consider M a loser since D-day WTF was wrong with me seriously..
    anyways 13 years I’m with douchebag and I find out he’s a sick, sick, sick.. man-child..
    And I fucking lose it..
    But after a year and some change now I wonder what change to M looks like. I mean seriously so long being a douche??
    Then you realize your a douche for oh of 13 months?
    How much change do I expect from him, or to even understand the lack of faith, trust, or vulnerability I have with him?
    He believes he wasn’t always a douche sicko..
    I disagree.
    But then again he says the past doesn’t matter and we will be better..
    Yeah past doesn’t matter because your a jerk..


  2. Oh my God. THIS is exactly what I am going through. Our MC (a recovering sex addict and PhD.) says “can you not see that your wife is dying inside? And the truth is he can’t. He does not have the capacity for empathy of to aid me in my healing. What I struggle with is, if I have to heal on my own, if I have to detach and be on my own, if I am not supposed to be part of his healing, because it’s all on him, then why the he’ll am I still here??

    I just had a weekend all to myself and loved every freaking minute of it. I am dreading him coming home, and the selfishness that causes hurt that travels with him. Is this really how I am suppose to live out my life? I am 8 months out (today) and hearing that you are at 2 years and still going through this just makes me want to throw in the towel.


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