A 30 Day Chance

A friend of mine told me to get a counter for my cell phone so I could keep track of The Player’s deadline to go to new meetings, find a new sponsor and start the process of figuring out if a 12-step program would be good for him.

In 20 days, he’s attended one meeting not at the location he attends regularly once a week. It’s a location he’s been to before. A couple of weeks ago he said he was going to attend some meetings around town but kept looking at the wrong times and days and locations and well, here we are.

It’s not looking promising because he only has 10 days left before the 30 Day Chance is done. There was thought and talk about me pushing for a healing separation. He’s got 10 days to attend some more meetings and find a sponsor he can connect with. If we move to a separation we will probably work towards him living at home but living apart. I can’t believe it’s come down to this.

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I know you have kids at home, so that complicates things, but I honestly wish we had had some kind of separation earlier on. I really believe that would have propelled my husband more fully and sincerely into recovery. I also wish he had gone away to an inpatient facility. My husband does go to meetings regularly and has a sponsor and is working the steps, but he still manipulates the system all the time. I think dday actually brought a flood of relief for him. I didn’t leave and his secret was finally revealed and his whole world didn’t crumble and… unfortunately mine did. So now, I am talking separation, 15 months into recovery. It’s make or break time. Not sure they actually feel compelled to change unless they think their world is going to fall apart if they don’t. Good luck. This sucks!

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  2. I am sorry this is happening to you, I wish I did it when my children were smaller. Now they know everything, I wasted my own money on rehab, other women and so many lies. With addiction, their drug of choice is first then, Whatever else.

    NIBSIH. 🙏

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