It’s all broken.

“Do you have any strong glue?” he asked.

I asked him what broke so I could get him the right kind.

“My soap dish,” he said. I said, “Oh that? Just toss it, we have a million of those things.”

“But (CHILD) made it and I want to keep it.”

“Are you sure? I think I made it, look on the bottom.”

He told me he already looked on the bottom and it was CHILD. He got really quiet and when I looked up he’d started to cry. He said, “If we don’t stay together, on days I can’t be with them, I want those little things that they touched. Like this soap dish.”

“Oh,” I said, “You know I’m not going to be a dick and keep you away from your kids if split up. You know that, right? Because I would never do that. Never.”

Still crying and trying to hold it in, he said, “I know that but I know I won’t see them everyday like I do now. So I want these things.”

“Okay, we can glue it back together.” When I said that, I honestly meant only the soap dish. I have no idea about the rest of what is broken in our home.

I wanted to scream at him about how when he was fucking other women he must have known something would break. I wanted to scream that he couldn’t have been that stupid for two goddamn decades. I couldn’t have married someone that fucking stupid.

I didn’t need to scream, he was already thinking that.

2 thoughts on “It’s all broken.

  1. Sex addiction detox. Finally realizing the consequences of their actions… it’s a bitch. We had THE most frustrating couple’s session this week. I still need to journal about. I want to scream!

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