You don’t say…

From the DUH files.  

The Player said, “When I’m stressed, I know what I can’t do now.” 

Yeah. He’s referring to flirting and fucking and trolling.

I know I shouldn’t be snarky, but really? What. The. Actual. Fuck? What kills me about that sentence is that you ever thought that was okay to do, asshole.

First I thought, “Wonderful! Now maybe you won’t go and flirt with other women and fuck them!”

I also thought, “That’s an important thing to know. Duh.”

I also thought, “What the fuck are you going to do instead?”

I had to point out to The Player that he doesn’t have anything that he does regularly that can help with stress or  become an outlet for him. One thing I’m great at is hobbies. I also have wonderful friendships that I cultivate so I have some people to do things with when I want to do something. The circle of friends is wide and I use them for fun and support.

One thought on “You don’t say…

  1. My H was stressed and unhappy in his job and no one at home ( in his mind) appreciated him. So,easy to sit to next to a whore on a bus who is lonely and flirt with each other . Made him feel wanted. Made him feel happy. Made his life hell in the end. The mere thought of flirting now gives him a boundary he knows he should not cross. One could say he has finally become emotionally more intelligent. He has matured. He can now see that happiness and fulfill,net in life comes in other forms.
    Starting yoga practice which he has been doing for a year now has helped immensely. It is such a positive form of exercise. So much better than going to the gym perking and chatting up women and trying to look buff in front of other males. What a waste of energy. Yoga works every muscle. Yoga meditates the mind. Yoga makes him feel amazing. It used to be my world and at first I was a bit pissy he wanted to be part of it but now I realise it is like a purposeful activity that we can both share and get enjoyment from and at the same time it heals the mind and the body. It has helped him see the world through a different window. One of peace and more wisdom. He now hates who he was and he was that horrid man for so many years. He sees now how easy it is the be a much happier and also better person. He can see he was just a stupid immature selfish fuck. That in itself should keep him living his life as a better honest person.


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