The Things I Said to The Various Whores

It was truly cathartic to say these little gems to those whores either through calling or writing. Yes I dialed and yes I clicked send. If it’s safe, I highly recommend all betrayed spouses contact the whores and dicks their spouses fucked. Highly. 

  • Does your husband know about you fucking other men? Should I call him and tell him what a dick move you and The Player made? Maybe he’d like to know someone who sat at his table and ate the food he bought and cooked fucked his wife without a second thought.
  • How does it feel knowing you were being used by a broken man as a receptacle for semen?
  • Sorry, bitch, I don’t want your apology and I will never forgive you.
  • Great job adding to the instability of my kids’ family. 
  • If he’s not willing to be more than the liar and cheater you know him as, you can have him. 
  • I guess we do have something in common, we both fucked a liar. 
  • Sorry but a mistake doesn’t happen multiple times, a mistake happens once.
  • I see he sent you a note that we weren’t having sex and that was a lie. I guess technically, you got my sloppy seconds.
  • What. The. Actual. Fuck. Were you thinking? 
  • I’d get a STD test if I were you, but don’t feel bad, I’m telling all of the whores the same thing.
  • Is this what you imagined you would be when you were growing up?
  • He told me everything including the times he was with you he couldn’t get it up.
  • Highly recommend condoms in your future whore escapades.



9 thoughts on “The Things I Said to The Various Whores

    • You are likely right, but I have to try for my kids. We have a complicated situation because one of our kids has significant special needs and us divorcing impacts my life dramatically. I’m not talking about financially (although that isn’t great either) but rather in quality. I would have 100% custody because he travels. At least when he’s here he’s an involved, caring parent. As long as he doesn’t cheat on me, I will likely allow “this” (whatever it is) to continue for my kids. Not ideal but reality.

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  1. You started a blog about your husband cheating on you? Along with lashing out at his “whores”? Wow. Where’s your self respect? Get a grip and pull your head out. Either stay and cope or leave but keep your dignity without putting your shit on blast. For the record do you have any idea how pathetic you look to the women you lashed out at? They’re not stuck with him, you are. Focus on your kids and your privacy. Dear God.


  2. I feel you should let the husbands of the whores know about the sex romps and let the shores feel the impact.
    It doesn’t matter if it is more than a year now.

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  3. I had a short time dating a player (4yrs). I ended up moving to another state, knowing it was the only way to break free of his charms. He continued to visit me however. I found out he told his new recruit that we didn’t have sex during his visit, and in fact he slept on my couch! Part of that was true…we had sex, then he moved to the couch after a coughing fit started. He claimed he didn’t want to keep me up, since I had work the next am. My point is, why take your husband’s word on the sexual encounters (i.e. not being able to get it up with a particular mistress)? Sounds like a half truth to make her look bad ( I know she doesn’t need help). The more he can make you focus on how undesireble she is, the easier it is for him to seem done with her. Thanks so much for sharing your pain…I’m sure it’s helping many.


    • He did a full disclosure and backed it up with a polygraph and he passed so I know at least I have the truth from that. I believe he has remained sexually sober and not sure if flirting/grooming/trolling/objectivifying has happened since disclosure or since discovery of his final affair and then affair final break up, but he’s agreed to polygraphs whenever I want and so I’m going to spring one on him at the end of summer.


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