The Schedules of Cheaters

Since we dropped them in January, The Player nearly begged to get our scheduled affair/relationship talks back into our lives because he was concerned we were going in the other direction. He asked for three times a week, I agreed to one. Today is that day.


So, my life now revolves around scheduled talks, keeping our family’s life moving, making sure I’m detached from The Player so I’m not obsessing about him and his shit and of course, couples therapy.

It’s fucking pathetic. The thing that annoys the shit out of me is that I didn’t create one fucking piece of this misery, yet here I am having to deal with the fallout. He fucked things up but I am paying the fucking price. If I want my kids to have an intact family, I have to live my life with a goddamn, mutherfucking liar. Even if he can “transform,” he is still and will always be the man who lied to me for the first 20 years of our marriage.

He will have you believe none of his (literal) fucking other women was planned. Apparently his dick ended up in the vagina of (free) whores everywhere just by chance. He actually said, “I didn’t know sex was going to happen until we were in the elevator kissing.” He will have you believe that they were all flirting friends because of business or the way he is and that all the fucking, “Just happened.” and he will have you believe that they aren’t really “affairs” in the first place.

What the fuckity fuck did I just type?

You read that right. He didn’t consider these ongoing “relationships” with these women affairs because he didn’t buy them gifts, carry on with them outside of conferences or even fuck them at every conference even though they could have, he wasn’t obsessed like he was with his last whore and because they didn’t invade his life with me.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?

I’m done talking about this today but I have a little handy list for discussion with the therapist as well as for our next Thursday chat.

First question up? “If there were no plans like you say and you ended up in elevators kissing people, which led you to fucking people, what are all the emails back and forth between you and some of them lining up your travel schedules? What was the line to whore #something, “I forget, do we have travel planned in next month or do we need to create a trip?””

So, wait? That was making no plans and having no communications like “real affairs”? Answer me that, mutherfucker.

5 thoughts on “The Schedules of Cheaters

  1. What the fuckity fuck LOL Is that how he justifies his actions? – it all just happened.. Like, when the whores were kissing him, he just ended up sticking his dick in the fish.. it doesn’t just happen, it was a choice and he could of chose to stop it. Excuses are like assholes…he needs to man up and just admit that he was being a piece of shit!

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    • He’s admitted he’s a piece of shit, I just think he minimizes the affairs. I do not know why. It’s not like he hasn’t told me every detail of what happened. I know everything about the whores too!


  2. Fuckity fuck, indeed!

    He needs to figure out why these things “just happen”… because they sure as hell may not happen again. He needs to figure out how and understand why this shit starts… and yes, why the fuckity fuck he thinks he somehow *deserves* to fuck over his wife, children, and really… his entire life.

    For my husband, it’s hidden resentment (some of us wives are too damn capable for their fragile egos) and Hero Syndrome. I wrote about that here:

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  3. Yes! Call it like it is. … I still remember the time my now ex wife had sworn off having more affairs (including her latest lover). We were in counseling. She was going on a business trip and needed a ride to the airport. As it turned out her lover was meeting up with her at the airport to go with her (info courtesy of the lover’s wife). I thought about waiting until the last minute to say “no ride” and have her miss the plane. But I told her early in the day that I knew what the real story was. … She chose a taxi to the airport.


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